Lecithin – The Basis Nutrient of Life

The word “Lecithin” is derived from the Greek language, its original meaning is “egg yolk”. Gohley who is a French scientist found vitellin in egg yolk, and name it “Lecithos” in Greek in 1984. People recognized Lecithin since then.

Lecithin is fundamental to human life, people can’t live without its nourishing and protection. Each cell of our bodies contains Lecithin, particularly in brain, nervous system, blood circulatory system, immune system and organs like liver, heart and kidney.

Lecithin may come under many shapes in nature, it exists in the cells of all animals and plants and also is the major constituent of the cell membrane, which may control various substances to across membrane. It’s another name is Phosphatidic Choline as Lecithin is conjugated of phosphatidic acid and choline. Lecithin is also an energy messenger between cells. Immunity and metabolism will become better, if people have enough Lecithin known as gold of brain.

In recent years, Lecithin is well known as “the third nutrient” in United State or many European countries. Lecithin became one of popular health supplements like protein and vitamins, as soon as it was produced. It has been authorized by the World Health Organizations include USA, Japan, Australia and the United Nations. The sales of Lecithin was upped to third place only to Muti-Vitamins and Vitamin E in USA and Japan.


Parton Saint of Cells

Five hundred thousand of cells perish in human’s body every day, while other cells are aging. If the amounts of cell rebirth is less than cell aging, people health stat a precipitous decline. Therefor people step aging and death gradually.

Essential Nutrition for Fetal and Infant Development

Approximately 15 billion of brains cells exist in human’s body, 70% of them have been formed in mother’s body. In general, lecithin demand is huge for fetal development, especially for brain development, as lecithin is important and fundamental to form cell membrane of the brain. As a baby’s well development in the womb is due to the absorption of lecithin, a pregnant woman needs more lecithin to meet the requirements of her baby and herself, therefor it’s very necessary to get enough lecithin during pregnancy.

Assist in Breastfeeding

Colostrum is the production of milk by female mammals after giving birth, it’s thick, yellow color, very little amount and high in nutrition. Eating food with too much oil and fat may coagulate or block the breast-feeding. Taking enough lecithin during late pregnancy and lactation will benefit the further production of breast milk, as reducing the glutinosity of breast milk, increasing the percentage of unsaturated fatty acid content in breast milk.

Vascular Scavenger

Cardiovascular diseases are still the no.1 killer in the world. The cholesterol and unnecessary substances deposition in the blood-vessels must be lower to beat the killer. Lecithin can be used dissolve cholesterol quickly, and to make it to small particles which can be easily absorbed into the bloodstream be naturally excreted from the body. Lecithin may soften the blood vessel, improve the circulation, aid in the prevention of atherosclerosis, angiorrhexis and vascular blockage, that’s why it’s called “Vascular scavenger”.


Patron Saint of Liver

Choline in lecithin plays an important role to lipornetabolism. Fat can accumulate in the liver and led to fatty liver, Inflammation, swelling, blood stagnation and hepatocyte necrosis. To prevent diseases like fatty liver and cirrhosis, taking enough lecithin may aid in regeneration of the hepatocytes, Fat excretion, reducing fat deposition. In addition, lecithin also help to improve detoxification of human body, and relieve damages caused by cigarette, wine and benzene, etc.

Aliment for diabetics

Lecithin is helpful to relieve some symptoms caused by diabetes, especially for the diabetics with atherosclerosis. Lecithin can repair injured cell membranes and endomembrane system in the body, enhance pancreatic cell function to produce more insulin and lower blood sugar.

Psychological mediation

People were long in stressful environment and under all kinds of pressure, and suffered from tension, irritability, insomnia, tinnitus and psychasthenia, since social competition has become more and more furious. Lecithin can provide essential nutrients to brain neurogenesis, keep healthy of brain, relieve stress and fatigue, active brain cells, and improve the mental fatigue neurasthenia.

Beauty Care Products

Lecithin can repair damaged cell membranes, increase the unsaturated fatty acid. It includes phospholipids which can protect the biological membrane from fee radical damage in the process of human metabolism, and anti-aging of cells.

Lecithin can lead to blood vessel purification and diuresis which help to purge away toxins in your liver and keep body clean.

Lecithin can keep skin moistening, healthy, tender and white through promoting cell regeneration. In Addition, antialopecia factor in Lecithin is main material basis of hair, it can restrain trichomadesis and reduce grey hair effectively.


Remedial Gallbladder Stone

Excessive cholesterol will precipitate and form gallstone and in the body, ninety percentage of gallstones are from cholesterol. Lecithin is one of the important constituent of bile, lecithin can help human body to break down, digest and absorb excess cholesterol, and maintain cholesterol in the liquid. Taking lecithin regularly can prevent formation of gallbladder stone, even dissolve the gallstones.

Smokers should take more lecithin

The content of lecithin in smoker’s lung is only 1/7 of the non-smoker. Alveoli are the cells which for taking oxygen, moist alveolar can help oxygen to be dissolved easily in the body, whereas hypoxia may be caused. Lecithin has good hydrophilicity, which keeps alveoli moist to improve oxygen intake of the body. Smokers need more lecithin to moisten their dry lungs, as well as taking more oxygen to get rid of jerk and tired.

What are the benefits of fish oil with lecithin?

Fish oil can play better role of body health with the help of lecithin. Fish oil is the “scavenger” in the blood vessels, its daily work is to dissolve and separate excess cardiovascular cholesterol and other junk from body; therefor lecithin which is called “garbage porter” is needed to ship the waste materials out of body.

With lipid regulation by fish oil, metabolite is excreted from the body through hepatic metabolism, thereby to increase burden of the liver (the livers of elderly are easily to be damaged). With taking fish oil and lecithin at the same time, to help establishing a clean and unobstructed blood environment, softening the blood vessel and maintaining the health of cardiac and cerebral vessels. In addition lecithin can enhance excretory abilities and prevent injure of the livers.

As a kind of health care products, the benefits of lecithin to human body are far more than the functions listed above. Lecithin is the essential nutrient substance to maintain body’s normal metabolism and wellbeing throughout a person’s whole life. Lecithin exists in cells, it controls the nutrition to enter or not, as the guard of cells. Lecithin is not a drug to effective immediately, but it doesn’t have toxicity of drug, and aids to silently maintain human’s health with comprehensive, long-term and stable effectiveness.


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