Krill Oil VS Fish Oil, which is better?

Fish oil is probably one of most famous health supplement product people known of. They are renowned for having the great effect of anti-inflammatory, promoting heart, joint and brain function.

Few years ago, a similar type of health supplement product has come out on the market and is relatively less known of, which is krill oil. Krill oil also contains abundant omega3 which is good for our body, but the problem is what are the differences between fish oil and which one is more suitable to take?

What’s EFAs?

First we’ll talk about essential fatty acid, also known as EFAs; this is the essential substance of any lives. EFA cannot be generated by our body and can only be obtained from food intake. There are two kinds of EFA: omega-3 and omega-6. As long as the adequate level of these two EFA is taken, the human body can generate necessary EFA.

Studies have revealed that the proportion of omega-6 and omega-3 should be around 50%~25%, however in modern days, the balance between these two EFA are extremely unbalanced and therefore modern people lack enough omega-3.

What will be the problems if the lack of omega-3? Firstly it will cause serious health issue like psora, Atopic dermatitis, overweight and so on.

What’s Fish Oil?

Fish oil is mainly collected from sardine, anchovy, salmon, tuna and Japanese Spanish mackerel. The effective substance of fish oil is omega-3 (EPA and DHA). Countless studies have approved that this substance is beneficial for the human heart, brain and joint. This is why fish oil is the perfect supplement for people who have blood vessel problems. And as mentioned above, it has the great effect of anti-inflammatory as well.


What’s Krill Oil?

Krill oil refers to oil collected from Antarctic krill, they are very tiny and live in large numbers. They are also the main food source of phytoplankton. They are very abundant regarding nutrition. Therefore, krill oil has abundant omega-3 just like fish oil. Krill oil provides more substance than fish oil, and that is astaxanthin. Astaxanthin, short for ASTA, is the highest grade of carotenoid, and it has an outstanding effect of anti-oxidation. According to the study, the anti-oxidation effect of Astaxanthin is 100 times higher than vitamin A and E and 48 times higher than Curcumin.

What’s the difference between Krill Oil and Fish Oil?

They are both from sea creatures and both contain abundant EPA and DHA. However, the major difference is that they have difference structure of omega-3. The krill oil has been revealed as having higher EPA level than fish oil, and it doesn’t have fish-burps when taking fish oil.

Another difference is that fish oil can have the function of anti-inflammatory for the whole body but due to the difference structure of omega-3 of krill oil, the anti-inflammatory effect of krill oil is more limited to just joint section. Krill oil contains abundant Astaxanthin, which is also the powerful substance for anti-oxidation, so it has better anti-oxidation than fish oil.


How to choose?

If you need a comprehensive health supplement that can benefit your brain, cholesterol level, liver and joint health, you should choose krill oil.

If you prefer to have the higher level of omega-3 to maintain your blood vessel health and anti-inflammatory for the entire body, fish oil should be the choice.

Regardless of which side you pick, one essential thing is to take an adequate level of Omega-3 every day to maintain a healthy body.


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