Australian Government and Dairy Products

In past ten years, amounts of dairy product exported to China substantially increased and reached to a staggering amount of 100 million pounds in 2011. Even though the price of Australian dairy product is relatively higher than the local dairy product but Australia dairy products worth the price as the safety and quality are assured.

The major Australia dairy cattle breed is Holstein with black and white dots on them. Holstein has strong environmental adaptability with the high level of milk and meat production and, therefore, they are amongst most popular breed in Australia. Holstein occupies 70% share of total cattle in Australia. Other than Holstein, Jersey cattle and hybrids Jersey are also popular amongst Australian dairy farmers. Regardless of the breed, every cow is well treated in Australia.


Routine check on water supply and irrigation

The quality of Australia milk product is guaranteed because Australia has one of the best farming environment in the world. Also, Australia government, consumers, and various organizations have set up the incredibly high standard of quality, safety control to ensure all Australia dairy products are safe to take.
Australia is one of the biggest countries regarding its land size. The population of Australia is merely 24millions, which is incredibly low considering the size of land Australia has. The low density of population has allowed Australia to develop fully and support the agriculture industry. Also, Australia agriculture sector has been putting lots of effort on studying how to promote the quality of agriculture product. For instance, research and studies have revealed that 70% of clover and 30% of sodium perenne combination is the best proportion for the grassland to breed dairy cattle to promote the quality of milk.

There is enough grass to feed the cattle throughout an entire year. If there’s any shortage due to the climate issue or lack of supply, the farmer will supplement other grass from outside rather than feeding them fodder. And no need to say, pesticide and aquathol aren’t permitted to be used to ensure no harmful chemical substances seep into food supply chain.

Animal husbandry and ecological environment are highly related and hence Australian has been cautious not to violate the environment discipline. This case can be seen as dairy cattle have enormous spaces to live while having water and foods that are being approved by the Association.

Drought is always a big issue in Australia and to reduce the impact of drought on the dairy farmers, the government has provided the subsidy to allow farmers to use most advanced technology system which allows water spread usage on grassland to be minimized but as well as covering entire areas. This has significantly increased the efficiency use of water and provided better maintenance on grassland and hence the better quality of milk produced. This story emphasizes the importance of agriculture sector in Australia.


“Annual Leave” for cattle

Dairy cattle are no doubt biggest asset for the dairy farmer, and therefore, each cow is strictly selected and inspected to assure there’re no major diseases that will infect the cattle and milk. In 2004, Australia introduced electrical identification to ensure all cattle from their birth to death will be monitored closely. Most importantly, these electrical devices are not just used for statistical purpose but to monitor the health condition and quality of cattle and milk. After every milking, the amount of milk produced by this exact cow can simply be calculated by scanning the electrical chip in the cow. This allows system to automatically calculate the health condition of the cow and distribute fodder to the cow based on the calculation. If the level of milking is found to be abnormal, the farm will swiftly inspect the cow and take any necessary actions.

To maximize the quality of the milk, cattle are entitled to have two months of “annual leave” once every thirteen months. During the two months of break, cattle don’t have to do anything. Milk production level of the cow will decrease due to the fatigue, and therefore, it’s significant that they have certain amounts of rest to assure good health condition and hence good milk quality.

The scene of workers waking up early to squeeze for milk is extinct. The majority of the dairy farmer now uses the automatic milking system as they are safer, more efficient and cleaner. Each cow will be lined up twice a day for milking. Staffs will attach the tube milking device on the cow, and it will automatically do the job. Milk that is being squeezed will flow into the cold milk storage bottles. Once the system senses, milk has been emptied it will automatically detach from a cow. During the entire process, no one drop of milk is seen, all milk is delivered via disclosed tube system to prevent any infection or bacteria going into milk.

No harmful substances whatsoever

Australia is the country that values the human right and in the meantime lots of effort are also put on pursuing right for animals. Australia dairy cattle are already well treated compare to other farming countries, but nevertheless numbers of association still advocate that level of milking per cow should be further deceased to protect cattle’s right. These associations believes animal has to feel and should be tenderly treated. This might sound ridiculous and awful to many people however these are the assertions that allow a good balance between commercial and environment and gradually equilibrium can be achieved to allow good economic development.

Other than Self-discipline, government regulation and supervision are also essential. In Australia dairy product is third biggest food industry right after beef and barley. This is why government puts lots of effort on monitoring the level of dairy products being produced and ensuring quality standards are met for whole dairy products.

The national dairy food safety regulatory framework is an integrated system that combines works between federal and state government’s regulation along with dairy farmers, dairy companies, and Dairy Australia. This program assures that industry quality is being met in all sectors of the supply chain to assure responsibility for food safety. Potential risks are being monitored, and the program itself is regularly revised to allow it keep up with our society. For instance, from the water supply to the packaging of dairy products, everything has a detail regulation. Any harmful additive such as growth hormone and genetically modified substances are strictly prohibited and will be regularly checked by the government agency. Any violation of the regulations will be recorded, and serious offense can lead to withdrawing of establishment’s license and entitlement.


Government subsidy for industry

Dairy products industry is a long history sector in Australia, nevertheless only by consistently developing new technology and improving the completeness of the regulations the quality of milk can further be improved. This is why every year government provides substantial subsidy to the related research institution along with dairy farmer and dairy product companies to develop new technology such as improvement on the genetic of cattle, increasing the number of species and delivery procedures and so on.

Also, various contests are held to compete the best quality milk products dairy farmer, and winner is awarded trophy and money bonus. Nevertheless, for small dairy farmers, government will also provide sufficient support to help them to produce high-quality milk. The operation of Australia dairy farmer is very transparent. Dairy farmers are operated not just for the dairy production; they open for the sightseeing, vacation, and education purpose as well. It’s the significant part of the Australia Society, and it gives consumer faith to purchase the dairy products produced in Australia.

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