Handmade Goat Milk Soap in Australia

In Australia, people prefer to use natural goat milk soap as they allow skin to be more moisture than using body wash. For those who have sensitive skins or acne, natural goat milk soap is exactly what you need. PH level between goat milk and human skins are pretty much the same. In another word, goat milk is very friendly to our body skin. Goat milk soaps are popular among those people who have problems with their skin. Also, not only they’re friendly to our body, but goat milk soap is also seen as a delightful gift in Australia and Europe. In fact in many important events like wedding or festivals, people give out goat milk soap as the gift to express their feelings.

The manufacturing process of goat milk soap is extremely complicated and involves lots of procedure. After the process of saponification, soaps need to stay inside the module for 24 hours before they can be matured for around 4 to 6 weeks. Thus minimum time to manufacture goat milk soap is one month.

Australia has extremely strict standard on sanitation of the soap. Auspurity goat milk soap only uses specially selected goat milk from goats that have passed the routine health check. No artificial additives are added, and various kinds of oils are combined in soap in the perfect proportion to ensure Skins can be cleaned completely without any harms. It also helps to ease the symptoms of the acne and allergy. However as no additives are added, please keep soaps away from water to prevent it from melting too fast.

There are 50 kinds of nutrition inside the essence of goat milk soap (Vitamin A, C, B1, B6, B12, and E), mineral, amino, citron, rancidity and so on. These substances help to restore the aged skin cells and promote the metabolic rate. The emollients and vitamin E inside the natural goat milk allow to moisture and increase the elasticity, shininess of the skin. In other word, goat milk soap is not just friendly to your skin, it’s also a wonderful beauty product from women’s perspective.


In daily life, we often hear people saying what’s the difference between normal soap and handmade goat milk soap and why do many people keep promoting the handmade soap? And what’s the benefit of the handmade goat milk soap? Here we’ll brief you on the details of the handmade goat milk soap, and you’ll understand the difference between them.

Substance and Workmanship

Normal soap in the market majority of the soaps are made by the hot process. Hot process soaps need to be continuously heated to allow glycerol, lye, and water to separate from each other. Next process will be adding artificial chemical additives to allow them to form into soap. After this process, we put them in the mould to dry and form their shape.

Handmade goat milk soap: Handmade soap uses cold process, which processes the saponification under room temperature. The temperature during the entire manufacturing process does not go over 40 degrees. This way soaps can be prevented from losing partial nutrition and oil inside the soap. During the process of handmade saponification, soap will naturally create 20% of natural glycerol, and if we add some precious natural additive from plant essence, it will make the feeling of using handmade soap, even more, refresh and moisture than normal soap. It also harms less than normal soap.

One of the difference is that normal soap doesn’t have the essence of handmade soap, glycerol: in addition to that, every material used in handmade soap is nature and doesn’t need to consider the cost constraint. Most importantly, it doesn’t include any artificial additive and it minimize the harm to the body skin. On the other hand, normal soap includes lots of chemical additives which will harm body skin in long term use. For example sodium laurel sulfate has the good performance of getting rid of oil and dirt from the body, but because it’s very sensitive, it will deepen the symptom of those who have sensitive skin, acne, and allergy.

90% of the soap, body wash and shampoo on the market include SLS/SLES, and they are bad for hair and skin. The damages of these chemical substances will accumulate and in the long term, it will even damage the organ inside your body.


Preference of skin

There’s one thin layer covering our body skin for the protection of our body. This layer is mild acidity with PH level of around 4.5 – 6.5 and known as sebum film. Normal soap or body wash do have the ability to get rid of the oil and dirt on the body skin, but that’s pretty much it, as these products lack glycerol , they don’t provide the care nor moisture to the sebum film. This is why normal body wash product on the market will make your skin dry after used. As for the handmade soap, it contains lots of nutrition and glycerol, which do a perfect job for protection and care of the skin. They are skin-friendly so they can also be used for facial wash.

Even though normal soap can be preserved for longer period but that’s because of the preservative added to the soap. This is why even though handmade soap has the shorter preservative period of around 1year, it can guarantee no any chemical additives are added to the handmade soap. Also, we recommend using handmade soap as soon as it’s bought because it provides the best effect right after it’s made. Please keep them in cold, dry places to prevent nutrition of the soap from losing.


Sensitive skin, baby and pregnant woman

The radical change inside pregnant woman’s body leads to the dry skin. The protein, fat, and nutrition can help them maintaining their condition of the skin. The EFG in the soap will moisture the skin and promote cell recovery and prevent from the stretch mark.

Handmade goat milk soaps are very tender and clean and hence don’t cause any radical stimulation to skins. Even for new born baby goat, milk soap is tender enough and won’t harm their skin. Auspurity goat milk soap uses goat milk that contains very high EFG that provides better effect on caring baby skin.

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