Chlorophyll – The Powerful Detoxifier

Chinese New Year is one of the most important festivals for the Chinese community. Ritually everyone will have good meals with family and friends during this period. Nevertheless due to the characteristics of Chinese foods, which are oily, heavy and hard to digest, many people’s digestion systems became extremely weak during this period.

You might have heard of detox, which means getting rid of the toxin out of bodies. Almost every doctor who is specializing in cancer area sees detox as the important factor of our human body. Basically, in modern days, lots of chemical, additive, lead and harmful substances are contained in the foods, and they are slowly accumulated inside our body and will lead to the chronic diseases such as fatigue, low energy, joint pain and bad memory and so on.

Hidden Constipation Syndrome

Studies have revealed that during the dissection of human bodies, there are still lots of filthy; excreta stuck inside the intestine. This is the evidence of harmful substance being accumulated in our body, and these substances can’t be digested out from our body through normal defecation. Some poisons are seep into our body through furniture and clothes, therefore; it’s very hard to prevent, the even water we drink every day might have some harmful bacteria inside. Hence, detox is a significant thing to do for body health.

Right time to detox?

People think no actions need to be taken before illness, and this idea is wrong. Toxin should be immediately digested out of our body, and people can immediately feel their bodies are in much better condition and hence better quality of life. When toxin are accumulated inside our bodies, lots of minor illness will start to appear and eventually they will lead to even serious diseases. A headache, fatigue, bad sleeping quality and dizziness are all possible results of the toxin.


Professor Oxford: Toxin will make us fat

Paula Baillie-Hamilton, Author of Toxic Overload, who is also the professor of Human body digestion at the University of Cambridge, said that almost every food we take and chemical products we used every day have the ability to influence human body weight. According to her studies, our bodies have the self-regulate mechanism to keep our body in the best-balanced weight, however as toxin will destruct this complicated mechanism, a muscle will shrink, and more fat will be accumulated. In fact, she believes that toxin is one of biggest factor of obesity and if without detoxing, the problem of obesity cannot be resolved.

Professor Paula Baillie-Hamilton’s studies indicate that pesticide is amongst serious issue. Pesticide contains a chemical substance which known as carbamate; this chemical substance will increase our body weight. The other chemical substance included in the pesticide is organ phosphorus. This chemical substance can also cause our body weight to increase even though amounts of food was taken have been reduced by 50%.

Chlorophyll is powerful to detox

If you want to get rid of toxin from our bodies, the best way is to start from the intestine. By cleaning up the intestine, it can also prevent cancer and help the body to lose unnecessary fats. Nevertheless, there are many ways to detox, and we are going to talk about chlorophyll.

Detoxing by chlorophyll is very safe as it neutralizes the additive and preservative contained in the food. It will also help a body to digest out those unhealthy substances. Also, it purifies our blood and clean up the heavy metal substances.

Furthermore, chlorophyll is good to use for antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. It helps to recover our wound and repair any damaged cells faster. Magnesium is also contained in the chlorophyll which provides the mineral substances that our bodies needed for blood generation and circulation.


Chlorophyll exists everywhere, but we absorb very little!

The noble award winner Professor Willstatter discovered that chlorophyll exists in every green plant. Namely, we are absorbing chlorophyll every day. Nevertheless, chlorophyll is weak at high temperature and easy to be covered by oils during the cooking process and this causes the chlorophyll to be digested out directly from our bodies without absorbing an essential part of chlorophyll.

How can we effectively absorb Chlorophyll?

Japan has been promoting a product called green juice. Basically, it is the product of juice that is extracted from various green vegetables. Believers believe the essence of green vegetables can be directly absorbed into our body without losing the essential nutrition and substance.

However in our modern society, people lack time for the proper meal and let alone to prepare extracted juice. The concept sounds good, but it’s still not a daily job people can afford to do every day. An alternative way is to take health supplement product to supplement insufficient nutrition for our bodies. There are many chlorophyll products on the market in different types of form such as liquid, capsule, and powder. Nevertheless, liquid is the easiest way for the human body to absorb and hence better effect.

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