Beloved Super Ruby Fruit – Cranberry

Cranberry is a fruit that has precious value. It’s healthy and very famous among people around the world. In the early days, Indians used it as a cure for wound cut and as the meat preservation. The Navy takes cranberry as a health supplement to prevent scurvy. By the time of twenty-century, medical studies have proved that cranberry is effective for curing urinary tract infection and some other urinary system diseases. Cranberry is also used for curing gastric ulcer, cardiovascular system and it’s even used in the beauty industry.

Beloved Super fruit

Americans consume an average four hundred million tons of cranberry every year. This little red fruit is not just used as the sauce for an Easter Turkey meal anymore; it is a superb fruit in many prospects.

Americans adore cranberry due to its geographic and history. Europeans love it because back in the colonial America a few hundred years ago, three big buckets of cranberry were presented to Charles II of England along with two buckets of Indian corns and three thousand cod. Corns and cod were both badly rotted when arrived in the UK due to the long shipment. Nevertheless, three big buckets of cranberry remained as fresh as what they were when first boarded back in the America. Ever since cranberry is renowned as the anti-corrosive fruit.

Asians do not fully understand the value of cranberry until recent years because Asia countries barely produce cranberry. The demand for cranberry in the Asia region is surging incredibly. Cranberry is used in many places, for instance, juice, cake, ice cream, Chinese food and health supplement.

North America’s dazzling ruby

Cranberry is a group of evergreen dwarf shrubs in the subgenus Oxycoccus of the genus Vaccinium. It is also the major crop in some American states and Canadian provinces. Growing cranberries demand certain conditions. Cranberries prefer to grow in high latitude wetland where used to be covered by glacier. Growing distinct of cranberries is very rare, only less than forty thousand acres of land is producing cranberries with limited production. Cranberry is often called as “North America’s ruby.”

Cranberry seed sowing starts in spring and harvests in autumn. Two major ways of harvesting cranberry are wet harvesting and dry harvesting. Good quality cranberries contain air so they can float on water. Wet harvesting is done by filling water into the farm to let cranberries float on water and then be corralled. Wet harvesting of cranberries is a spectacular scene to view in the autumn.


Value in the clinical medicine

Cranberry is a type of rare red bramble fruit which has unique flavor and abundant health value. The two major antioxidant substances of cranberry are anthocyanin and Flavonol. The condensed tannins of cranberry is proved by the global medical industry that can support the function of urinary system. Researchers also showed that cranberry has the capability of preventing bacteria invasion.

Research studies done by The Journal of the American Medical Association indicate that cranberry is capable of providing enough condensed tannins which gives the similar effect of antibiotic. As a result of this, Cranberry is listed in the United States Pharmacopoeia. Furthermore, National Institutes of Health has conducted and funded a research project on cranberry. Cranberry has indeed become a new vision in the field of clinical medicine.

Natural supplement for the health of urinal system

United States Pharmacopoeia records cranberry as a supplement for curing urinary system diseases. New England Journal of Medicine, which published on 8th Oct 1998, indicates that cranberry can prevent Escherichia coli adhere to layers of the epidermal thereby urethra and bladder can avoid the attack from Escherichia coli.

Biologically women’s urinal system is easier to get infected than men. Nonetheless, men can often suffer urinal diseases as well. Cranberry is like the soldier of our urinal system; it neutralizes urine which stops the bacterial growth. There’s also one type of nutrients called PACs that has antibacterial function which contains in cranberry. It blocks the interaction between bacteria and cells of bladder, and this will prevent bacteria adhere to the bladder wall.

Many other foods such as apple, grape, and green tea also contain PACs as well, but none of them has A form type of PACs. Cranberry is the only food that has it. With its unique molecular structure, cranberry is proved to be the only food that can keep up the health of urinal system.

80~90% of the urinal infection is caused by Escherichia coli. PACs of cranberry influences Escherichia coli in three ways. PACs changes the stick shape of Escherichia coli into a sphere shape and thereby change the cell membrane. This will prevent Escherichia coli from adhering to the bladder wall and, as a result, restraining bacteria from infecting the bladder cells. Therefore for those who have been suffered from urinal diseases, cranberry is exactly best and natural antibiotic to take. Taking cranberry regularly every day can contribute to the health of urinal system and improve the infection problem.


Health of digestive system

Main reason of causing the gastric ulcer is because of a bacteria called Helicobacter pylori. Cranberry can lower the chance of suffering Helicobacter pylori that will cause a gastric ulcer.

In April 2008, Tel Aviv University revealed a report on a clinical research of cranberry. All subjects involved in the experiment were asked to either take cranberry or antibiotic. After the experiment is done, subjects that were taking cranberry has substantially lowered their level of bacteria in their stomach.

This report also indicated that the condensed tannins which contained in cranberry has the mechanism of Anti- adhesion. Even if Helicobacter pylori already adhered to the bladder wall, taking or drinking cranberry products can retrain further adhesion of bacteria, and this will lower the chance of suffering a gastric ulcer.

New Choice of Antioxidant

According to one of the biggest research on the antioxidant content of food which conducted by Agriculture Department of U.S.A government, cranberry is among one of the highest level in five major types of food.

Professor Joe A. Vinson from Scranton University published his essay in “Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry” which issued by American Chemical Society in November 2011. He has done a comparison among twenty fruits, and he found out that the fruit that has the highest level of flavone is cranberry.

Flavone is a powerful antioxidant substance. It is beneficial for clearing excessive free radical inside our body. Free radical is what causes body aging, cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. More cranberry you eat, the more you can prevent your body cells from being damaged by free radical.

For women who are pursuing for beauty, cranberry can help you combating the aging problem and contribute a lot to the skin care.

Prevention of Oral Diseases

As mentioned above cranberry has PACs which is beneficial for preventing urinal diseases. Based on the application of PACs on urinal system, researchers have been consistently researching whether the extract of cranberry can restrain the bacteria of gingival disease. Various organizations and researchers eventually obtained a gratifying result. American Dental Association has just published a report indicating that cranberry juice can be used as the cure for retraining the bacteria adhering to teeth and thereby the risk of getting periodontitis and dental bacterial plaque is significantly lowered.


Cardiovascular Diseases

Cranberry is a highly reputed health dietary supplement for the heart. Cranberry has zero cholesterol, zero fat, and incredibly low sodium. It contains abundant dietary fiber. And as mentioned above, different types of cranberry product all have flavone and polyphenol which help people to maintain a healthy body. By regularly taking cranberry is essential to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. These facts have been approved by considerable amounts of research result.

People who often take oily, high calorie and high cholesterol food can lead to an aging vascular when excessive fats are stuck in between the vascular. The unsaturated fat and condensed tannins which contain in the cranberry can effectively lower the cholesterol oxidation inside the body and protect the health of heart and vascular.

Keeping the adequate level of blood pressure can effectively lower the risk of suffering a stroke. Stroke is also a form of heart diseases. The intake level of sodium and potassium is essential for preventing a high blood pressure. Food with high sodium can cause a rise of blood pressure, and foods with high potassium can lower the blood pressure.

Cranberry, as the dietary supplement for the heart, is capable of maintaining the level of blood pressure at an adequate level. It doesn’t just have the nature characteristic of low sodium, it also has a very rich potassium. Taking food such as cranberry is a key success to maintain a healthy level of blood pressure.

From various scientific numbers we have, cranberry is approved as an effective fruit that has the excellent health protection. It’s also a natural tool for the antibacterial and an ideal supplement for beauty and health.


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