Exuberant Vitality of Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba and dinosaurs have both dominated the world until Cenozoic Cooling, which happened five hundred thousand years ago. The majority of Ginkgo plants extinct at that time and amazingly in China it has survived and preserved until now.

According to the documentations, all Ginkgo biloba trees existing on our planet are directly or indirectly introduced from China.

In Song dynasty of ancient China, Ginkgo was introduced into Japan together with Buddhism and they are both welcomed and deeply rooted. Back in Second World War Two when Hiroshima in Japan was attacked by the atomic bomb, within few kilometers of the detonated area, no plants were able to survive. The only exception was ginkgo trees which started to sprout out again in the second year after the tragic attack. The ability of ginkgo immunizing radiation amazed people. Ginkgo survived from Cenozoic Cooling in ancient history and yet again it proved it can survive from one of the horrifying weapons in modern society. It is a “living fossil”.


Endless studies on Ginkgo plants

Magical Ginkgo Biloba is Chinese’s ancient medicine. Compendium of Material wrote by Li Shizhen has stated that Ginkgo’s fruit has the effect of easing cough. Ginkgo’s leaf can also be used as a treatment for chest tightness, heartache and bad blood circulation of heart and brain. It also decreases the level of cholesterol and high blood pressure.
Chinese has been studying the effect of ginkgo plant for a very long time and several significant publications related to ginkgo studies were issued in ancient China. “Principle of correct diet” by Hu Si Hui in and “Suixiju yinshipu” by Wang Shixiong have both closely introduced and described the nature and use of the Ginkgo and some other Chinese medicine.
From 60’s in twenty century, German pharmacologists and scientists spotted the pharmaceutical value Ginkgo plants contain and started doing the researches on the pharmaceutical function of Ginkgo’s useful substances.

In 1965, Dr. Willmar Schwabe pharmaceutical factory successfully extracted useful pharmaceutical substances from ginkgo leaves. Two primary substances are Ginkgo Biloba extract and Ginkgolide. Chinese researcher further successfully manufactured orally taken Ginkgo biloba extract and injection.

In the 80’s, Ginkgo Biloba extract had become primary health care product in Western developed countries. Not only they’re used in pharmaceutical markets, but they are also made into soft drinks, diet supplement and so on.

U.S is extremely strict on examining the use of new drugs. In 2000 Ginkgo Biloba was approved by U.S authority and listed it in pharmacopoeia. Associated standards are also formulated to ensure the use and effects of Ginkgo Biloba are assured.

Magic of Ginkgo leave

Ginkgo leaf has been discovered by pharmacologists that it contains over two hundreds useful pharmaceutical substances. Flavones alone has over twenty kinds of similar substances in ginkgo leaf. Flavone is capable of protecting our blood vessel, improving brain heart blood circulation and relieving the bronchus.

Also, hemiterpene, phenols, and some elements are useful to cure freckle, cross eye and onychomycosis.

The primary benefit of Ginkgo Biloba is considered to be enhancing and improving the memory. It’s also a good beauty product regarding diet and skin care.

All in all, it is an incredible plant that is capable of enhancing our life quality.


The benefits for your body :

1. Enhancement of Memory

New York Medical Center has done research on the assumption of gingko can improve brain memory, and it revealed its report in 1997. According to the report, a substance named “EGb761” which extracted from Ginkgo leave has effectively slowed down the symptom of 309 patients who had Alzheimer’s disease. Their symptoms were six months behind the other group of the patient which did not take ginkgo extracts.

NYMC further used a computer to record the influence of ginkgo leafs have on the brain nerves. They let three patients each took 40mg, 120mg and 240mg of ginkgo extracts respectively and recorded their brain waves and result shown that the higher amounts of extracts they took, clearer their brain waves were.

2. Free radical effect

In the incident of Chernobyl disaster, scientists use Ginkgo Biloba extracts to apply to the victims of the incident. These victims exposed to an incredibly high level of radiation during the incident but after taking few days of Ginkgo Biloba, the level of free radiation inside their body dramatically fall to normal range. This shows the ability of Ginkgo is able to immunize the free radical effect.

In 1995, M.Scif-EI-Naser and some other scientists discovered that ginkgo extracts can activate the SOD function of animal brain cells and lower the effect of hydrogen peroxide. These facts allow people to apply ginkgo on medical purpose and use them to lower the damages of neurotic brain cells that caused by external damages.

3. Blood circulation

Research of Germany experts has indicated that the Ginkgo Biloba extracts, after analyzed, contains flavones, biflavone, bilobalide and some other substances. These substances stimulate the function of blood cells which prevent blood from condensation. They can stimulate and expand the blood vessels and promote the blood circulation in both artery and vein. Thus, ginkgo is often applied in curing the cardiovascular diseases.

Research also shows that ginkgo is likely to increase the blood circulation of brain. Substances of ginkgo extract increase the level of Dopamine in our brain, and it is a secretion of our brain which influences people’s emotion.

In the 1950s, Professor Carlsson first discovered Dopamine is an essential substance used by brain to deliver significant nerve messages. This important discovery has allowed Professor Carlsson to award Nobel medical price in 2000.


4. Myocardial Infarction

Ginkgo is also used as an antagonist of Platelets Active Factor. It is clinically used to prevent and cure the thrombosis. The major factor of myocardial infarction is because of hyperlipoproteinemia which causes blood vessel got blocked, and it will further lead to the platelet disintegration. Platelet disintegration will release blood clotting factor and form into thrombosis. It will block the blood vessel and result in myocardial ischemia.

Ginkgo has antithrombotic function which can prevent myocardial infarction. Ginkgo extract can improve angina pectoris by more than 70%. As many people have aware already, myocardial ischemia has the unbelievable high chance of causing collapse of heart cells, which also means death. Ginkgo extract lowers the chance of myocardial infarction by 60%. Also, it protects blood vessel cells which can significantly lower the chance of causing collapse of heart cells.

5. Reduce symptoms of diabetes

Ginkgolide B is one of the extracts from Ginkgo that protects neuronal ischemic change caused by diabetes and the bad blood circulation. Ginkgolide B increases the percentages of cell used to amylaceum which also raises the sensitivity of cells to insulin, and this eases symptoms of diabetes.

6. Anti-melancholy

Ginkgo extract has similar effect of monoamine oxidase inhibitor without distinct side effects.

7. Ease angiospasm by 80%

The biggest factors of high blood pressure are condensation of hormone, coagulation factor and serotonin. Ginkgolide B can relieve 80% of the angiospasm.


Clinical research has revealed that Ginkgo has antiasthmatic effect.


Ginkgo’s side effects are very rare however taking too much ginkgo leafs extracts can cause a headache and unpleasant digestion system.
Bleeding patients, patients after operation, anemia, pregnant woman and menstrual period women should refrain from taking any Ginkgo Biloba.

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